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Impeach Larry Krasner. Combat Crime. 

In Harrisburg, Aizaz will combat crime with what is missing most right now: common sense.

He'll start by supporting the impeachment of Larry Krasner whose radical, soft-on-criminals approach to being DA created so much of the mess we are in today. By making sure Philly has a District Attorney who stands with crime victims and will actually prosecute criminals, we can send a strong message: we are taking our city back.

Then Aizaz will support smart laws that focus on stopping criminals and preventing crime: like requiring prosecution for those caught with illegal firearms or who commit a crime with a gun; truly punishing drug dealers while promoting treatment for those trapped in addiction; and, supporting alternative sentencing for kids who make a mistake to put them back on the right track while there is still a chance. 


Better Schools for All. Choices That Help Everyone. 

Aizaz understands the power of a quality education system in helping our children succeed in life, in combating crime, and to improve the quality of our neighborhoods. That's why, as our State Representative, he will fight for an education system that works for parents and children first - not politicians, bureaucrats, or special interests.
What's that mean? Continuing the record investment in traditional public schools while at the same time supporting school choice initiatives that empower parents and students to secure the education that is best for them and their future, because one size does not fit all when it comes to how our children learn best.


Make Life Affordable.

Aizaz knows that the rampant inflation caused by government over-spending the past three years is hurting everyone in the Northeast - from singles starting out in life, to working families, to those in retirement - and it needs to end.
As State Representative, Aizaz will work to combat and reverse inflation - and make everyday life just a little more affordable - by controlling state spending through smart budget decisions that focus on our priorities first. He will also fight for initiatives that help grow our economy, keep the jobs we have, and attract new job creators by harnessing the unique and special assets of Philadelphia: from our highly trained workforce, to our renowned colleges and universities, to our energy center and port. 


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